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Annual General Meeting

Share capital:

Glunz & Jensen's share capital amounts to DKK 36,426,180. The company's shares are worth DKK 20 or multiples thereof.


Each share amount of DKK 20 gives 1 vote.

Shareholders who have acquired shares by transfer cannot exercise their voting rights for the shares in question at general meetings convened without the shares having been listed in the register of shareholders or the shareholder having notified and documented its acquisition. However, the acquired shareholding is considered to be represented at the general meeting, although voting rights cannot be exercised if the shares prior to the general meeting are listed in the register of shareholders or the shareholder has notified and documented its acquisition.

Shareholders who have otherwise acquired shares may not exercise the voting rights of the shares in question unless they are listed in the register of shareholders or have notified and documented their acquisition.




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